HC-S2000 Single needle quilting machine

HC-S2000 Single needle quilting machine

single needle quilting machine


1.With locakstitch sewing head, diagnostic testing and adjustable presser plae in different thickness.
2. Memory restart all pattern after stop quilting.
3. 360° Tack & Jump and simple pattern, total 2000 pattern.
4. Daily output counter and total output counter.

5. Needle arrangement and pattern showing.

6. Automatic needle life. Air thread cutting and thread brake detector.
7. Pattern compensation and correction.
8. Panasonic servo motor drive operations.
9. Capable pattern-designing software with pattern scanner input.
10. Automatic material feeding and cutting.

Technical Specification:

Size (length*width*height) 8600 x 3740 x 1900(mm)
Weight 3500kg
Quilting thickness ≤70mm
Quilt width ≤2350mm
Rotation speed of needle 2500 Rpm
Production speed 40-120 m/h
Needle type 130/21


3-phase,220V 60Hz

Stitch 2-6 mm
Power 8.8 KW

Feature Icon:

Single Quilting Machine Head
19-inch Liquid Crystal Display Quilting Machine Head Panasonic servo control Quilt pattern


Mattress panel, mattress pads, bedspreads, comforters, bedding, upholstery, and more.


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